Live Air Traffic Control YKF Waterloo Regional Airport Live ATC

Live Air Traffic Control YKF Waterloo Regional Airport Live ATC


                                 Control Tower Region of Waterloo International Airport - Live transmissions

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Latest WSO radar from Environment Canada

While listening to the Waterloo Control Tower feed, do not expect constant transmissions. During poor weather, high winds, and during the winter months, traffic volumes will decline. Recreational and training aircraft will be restricted with visibility reported at less than 3 miles, and a ceiling of less than 1000 feet. Traditionally, January and February record the lowest traffic volumes. During the summer, complete frequency saturation is not uncommon.

Checking the local Kitchener weather will give you a good idea of what to expect in the way of traffic volumes. The most recent weather conditions, presented in an aviation format may be found by clicking  Metar Sequence.  A more general (non aviation) description of current weather and a forecast, may be found by clicking Area Weather or Live Weather Radar.

Total air traffic movements for 2012 were approximately 104,000 (up 7% from the previous year), the bulk of which are light recreational and training aircraft. With the longest runway at 7000 feet, the airport easily accommodates all manner of business class executive jets, and scheduled Westjet Boeing 737 traffic.


Below is an aerial map that may help to visualize the flow of traffic. The yellow dots depict the path of an aircraft flying a typical "left hand circuit to Runway 26".  Each leg of the circuit has a label and these labels, 'left downwind', 'left base' etc. are routinely heard as aircraft report their position, and controllers instruct aircraft on how to approach the airport for a landing . There is also a right hand circuit for runway 26 (not labeled), and identical patterns when other runways are in use.

 Scanned Frequencies Waterloo Control Tower
126.0 MHz Tower Control     Air Traffic Control Tower Frequency - Main
118.55 MHz Tower Control      Air Traffic Control Tower Frequency - Secondary.
121.8 MHz  Ground Control     Air Traffic Control Ground Frequency 
Regional EDACS Talkgroup 00-112     Region of  Waterloo Airport Operations - Main   (on at selected times)
Regional EDACS Talkgroup 00-116     Region of  Waterloo Airport Operations - Air 2    (on at selected times)
Regional EDACS Talkgroup 00-117     Region of  Waterloo Airport Operations - Air 3    (on at selected times)

Airport maintenance (Regional EDACS Talkgroup frequency) which includes snow removal, runway maintenance, and other duties, is added to the audio stream during the winter months.
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