Toronto Centre Air Traffic Control London Sector


Toronto Centre’s London Sector, or West Satelitte sector provides approach and departure control for all IFR (instrument flight) aircraft arriving and departing Waterloo Regional Airport, London International Airport, Sarnia Airport and other airports in south western Ontario. They control the airspace from the ground up to 6000 feet.


Dependant on traffic volumes, this sector may combine with adjacent sectors during quieter traffic periods (using 119.7) and be heard handling traffic in a wide area around Toronto, including airports at Toronto City Centre (Billy Bishop Airport) and Hamilton, in addition to Waterloo.


There is a PAL site (a peripheral frequency station) located at the Waterloo Regional Airport. This PAL station relays the instructions from the air traffic controller in Toronto Centre to any aircraft on his/her frequency. This provides excellent frequency coverage in this area of Ontario for the controller in Toronto, and also allows anyone with a scanner in the Waterloo area to hear the ground based air traffic control transmissions originating in Toronto. 


Scanned Frequency

London Sector – 128.27 MHz


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